Dr Shantha Iyer is the founder of Lifestyle CenterMD. She is a board certified physician who has been practicing medicine for over 25 years.  She specializes in Integrative, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Iyer is board certified in Preventive Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health.  

Dr. Iyer completed her residency in Preventive Medicine and Masters in Public Health at Loma Linda University, California which is a world leader in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. Before joining preventive medicine, Dr Iyer was a trained surgeon from India and has a fellowship training in transplantation surgery from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Later she was drawn to the field of preventive medicine which inspired her to leave the surgical career. Dr. Iyer says “Preventive Medicine changed my life and broadened my perspective towards health and wellness in general”.

Dr Iyer realized the limitations of conventional medicine, medications and their side effects when a close member of her family started having serious gut issues and needed alternative therapies to help to control the symptoms. Then she started researching more and more about gut health, Integrative medicine and various alternate therapies.She saw first hand how her father went from being uncontrolled to well controlled diabetes with proper diet, exercise along with specific herbs with absolutely no medications.  This motivated Dr. Iyer to complete a 2-year fellowship training in Integrative Medicine with certification from University of Arizona Integrative Medicine under Dr Andrew Weil, who is a world renowned Integrative Medicine specialist. She is trained in Functional Medicine through Institute of Functional Medicine and certified in Bioidentical hormone therapies. 

Dr. Iyer has extensive training in developing wellness programs. Dr. Iyer has published several research papers in cancer biology, colorectal cancer, cardiovascular research in immigrant population, smoking cessation, etc. Dr Iyer has received awards for her research in cardiovascular health in immigrant population, and an award of recognition from San Bernardino County, Dept of Public Health, California, for outstanding work as a tobacco-free advocate.

Dr. Iyer loves music, gardening, healthy plant based cooking and morning nature walks. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her patients trying to understand their challenges in achieving their health goals and exploring the root problem.

Dr Iyer’s three pillars of natural health and healing include “Food as medicine”, “Exercise as medicine” and “Mindfulness” as medicine. She states health is the best investment that you  make in your life.  She provides a very comprehensive approach that combines both physical and mental-emotional treatment methods.  She is proud to bring her decades of medical knowledge to her own clinic Lifestyle CenterMD